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5 Healthy Habits to Keep After Covid-19

Unless you were the germophobic type before the pandemic, you probably didn't think of your way of life as unhygienic. Soap flew off the shelves, and we started asking ourselves, hmmm... why wasn't soap as popular before? 

Wash your hands!

While much has changed since the beginning of the outbreak, experts have still continuously touted many healthy habits that we all should have been doing long before. But the more we know, the better we become. There are steps you can take to make this cold and flu season the healthiest we've seen in a while, with everyone's newfound propensity for hand washing and immune boosting!

Here are 5 long-lasting healthy habits we should carry on even after the pandemic has passed. 

1. Wash your hands often

And don't just rinse them with water or quickly wash with soap -- wash them thoroughly. The experts say at least 20 seconds of vigorous scrubbing with soap is required to remove any lingering germs. Even if you always wash up before eating or a trip to the bathroom, you should be cognizant of washing throughout the day, especially when you come back into your home. 

2. Stay put if you're sick

We're all probably quite guilty of still living life as usual when we're mildly ill, which leads to community spread quite easily. Perhaps we'll take this quarantined mindset into the future when we become sick. Stay put, rest, and get well before you go back into the world. Of course, this isn't always possible, but decreasing the spread of illness as much as we can will help one trip out in public at a time. 

3. Use that face mask if you're sick

This practice is likely here to stay, whether we want it to be or not. Especially if you are an immune-compromised person or feeling under the weather. Don’t put yourself, or other people, at risk unnecessarily.

4. Don't spray coughs and sneezes everywhere

Even if you're home alone, get in the habit of coughing and sneezing into the crook of your elbow. As kids, many of us were taught to cover our coughs and sneezes, but that was often with our hands. Sneezing or coughing into your elbow is the new standard protocol to minimize droplet spread.

5. Keep your hands off your face

And because we're always touching something, don't touch your face unless your hands have been freshly washed. This may take some practice. 

In addition, you can continue to look to your diet and lifestyle habits to support your immune system and overall vitality. This may be your best defense against viral threats.

  • Limit processed food and sugar. Junk food does not support a strong body and immune system.

  • Drink lots of water. Optimizing your hydration promotes good detoxification and cellular function. Both of which are needed to keep your body working at its best.

  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night. Deep sleep is when your body heals and repairs itself. Learn to work with your body rather than against it.

  • Remember to get outside and move your body every day. Sunlight and fresh air does your body good. And your mind!

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